The Nomad Escape

Imagine yourself exploring amazing  destinations. Not having to think of where you are heading next and how to get there. Being surrounded with a small group of like-minded people. Having the ultimate freedom-feeling of being on the road. Playing your favourite songs to absorb the views and moments. Staying in lovely accommodations, with the freedom to relax or work, whenever you want. And having all of this captured in an epic after movie…

Upcoming road trip:
Lisbon – Marseille | 4/6 – 20/6 | 17 days of Freedom

This is the opposite of other Nomad Programs. We are here to take you with us: Escape the daily routine, travel without worries and still be surrounded by like-minded people. For us, the ultimate feeling of freedom is being on the road, being able to stop whenever and wherever you want. The focus is not on networking as a professional. We focus on recharging, connecting and exploring. And of course, some work has to be done, and with your ambitious mind you sometimes want to discuss ideas and business. We understand that. You have the freedom to relax, work, brainstorm and share skills whenever you want to. Recharge your battery while travelling with us and work more effectively afterwards! 

Accomodation: Included
Accomodation Type: Several options available
Topic: Mixed
Food: Breakfast included
Team Type: Individuals
Workation Type: Workation
Open for: All
Sport and Fun: Surfing, Gym, Horseback riding, Nightlife, Beach, Hiking, Food, Cooking, Dancing

Specials: Sometime in life we are so caught in the moment we forget to capture a photo to show the grandkids how cool we were once upon a time, We have our personal videographer travelling with us to create an amazing after movie!

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