The Nomad Escape | Co-Travel Trip LISON TO ROME | for Nomads & Remote Workers

The Nomad Escape is for your ambitious heart wanting
to connect, unplug & work while traveling the world.

Join our next 21-day CO-TRAVEL TRIP from
Lisbon To Rome | Explore the coastal lines of Portugal, Spain, France and Italy with us!

Co-Travel for 21 days with our traveling video production company, together with like-minded people, sleep in comfortable accomodations, do mind-blowing activities and have the freedom to get some work done, explore or be in pajamas all day.

It’s going to be an impactful journey packed with beautiful accomodations and activities.
Exploring the magical coastal lines of Portugal, Spain, France and Rome with a group of like-minded people! We like to travel with a small group of max 9 people to keep it personal and cosy, like you travel with a group of friends :)

We arranged all the planning and logistics for you!

So where are we going?


3-9 / Day 2 Algarve, Portugal

4-9 / Day 3 Seville, Portugal

5-9 / Day 4 Seville, Spain

6-9 / Day 5 Tarifa, Spain

7-9 / Day 6 Tarifa, Spain

8-9 / Day 7 Cartagena, Spain

9-9 / Day 8 Valencia, Spain

10-9 / Day 9 Barcelona, Spain

11-9 / Day 10 Barcelona, Spain

12-9 / Day 11 Perpignan, France

13-9 / Day 12 Perpignan, France

14-9 / Day 13 Marseille, France

15-9 / Day 14 Nice, France

16-9 / Day 15 Nice, France

17-9 / Day 16 Albenga, Italy

18-9 / Day 17 Venice, Italy

19-9 / Day 18 Venice, Italy

20-9 / Day 19, Florence,

21-9 / Day 20, Florence,

22-9 / Day 21, ARRIVAL IN ROME

Join our 21-day road trip and maximise your life as a nomad. 

You can have it all….

Accomodation: Included
Accomodation Type: Shared room
Topic: Mixed
Food: No food included
Team Type: Individuals
Workation Type: Workation
Open for: All
Sport and Fun:

Specials: ✅ We are a traveling video production company, nomads ourselves and love to capture everything we do to make an epic after movie of jour journey. Need professional content for your website or social media? This is the perfect opportunity! ✅ Comparing to other travel companies and nomad programs our pricing for a 21-day road trip including accomodations, activities and after movie is very competitive! You won’t be able to find this anywhere else.

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