MNGLe in Mongolia 2018

In September 2018, MNGle took place.

MNGle is the first and so far only workation happening in Mongolia. We emphasize on using the remote place to our advantage, building networks and community there. We have a social mission and MNGle was attended as much by international entrepreneurs as by locals.



Accomodation: Included
Accomodation Type: Shared room
Topic: Online business, Travel, Blogging, Tourism, Hospitality, Investment, Finance, Real estate, Art, Culture, Music, Entertainment, Real Estate, VA, Support
Food: No food included
Team Type: Individuals
Workation Type: Workation
Open for: All
Sport and Fun: Surfing, Gym

Specials: Connect with local, Mongolian entrepreneurs. Support the local community and explore Mongolia. Special panel discussion on real estate.

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