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Nomad Day Berlin March 10

Nomad Week invited us to participate in the Nomad Day event in Berlin.

What is Nomad Week

Nomadweek is a week in Portugal for German speaking people that want to make a change. The reason could be unhappy at work, or an overcome health situation, or the urge to explore the world and the difficulty is often to do the first step of the journey. That’s where Nomad Week comes in: participants learn from coaches and from each other. Most importantly the week aims at self-reflection especially realizing the strengths, experiences, and untapped potential.

Nomad Day Berlin 2019

Nomad Day Berlin Review

The idea

Nomad Day is the first step of preparation before Nomad Week. Not a requirement, but it makes sense. Having attended Nomad Day, I am very clear about what Nomad Week is.

The location

We met at juggleHUB, a small and cozy co-working space in the north-east of the city’s iconic Prenzlauer Berg. Since it was a Sunday, the place was quiet and we had a perfect setting for our discussions and masterminds.

The participants

A total of 16 participants made their way to the event. Most of them knew Laura, Olli, or Daniel and some heard it via friends. Clearly: word-of-mouth rules. It was exciting to see that some participants came all the way from Hamburg or Leipzig to attend Nomad Day – a clear sign that this community strives.

Getting started

We had coffee and tea and got started with exciting conversations before the event started. The topics we discussed involved traveling and the travel festival and ITB in Berlin as well as the urge to change something in our lives or do more of the good projects we are working on already.

Laura, Daniel, and Olli introduced themselves and the idea of Nomad Week: To provide orientation at the beginning of a location-independent lifestyle. Nomad Week is organized twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn in a beautiful place north of Lisbon. Thus, easily reachable from Germany. Besides the three founders, there are always some additional coaches and experts joining the group. And we heard that some of those coaches attended Nomad Week before.

Besides, we also had the chance to introduce Workationlist to the participants and got them informed about this tool.


Second part of the afternoon was mastermind sessions. We got together in groups of 5 to 7 people and each of us introduced specific challenges within 5 minutes and got feedback for another 5 minutes by the group. All of us shared openly our goals and experiences and most importantly challenges and that is often not easy to talk about. The basic ingredient for these sessions is trust and openness. We focussed more on mindset and doing the first step than on technical and strategic implementations. Hence, it is specifically great for you if you are looking into making a change in your life.

Italian Food

Some of us went to an Italian restaurant around the corner. That place had three specialties: a menue with normal prices and right to that super low prices. It was build as kind of a cave and in caves, people don’t use credit cards. Cash was king here – which is a challenge nowadays.

Dinner after Nomad Day in Berlin
Nomad Day Italian Dinner

We continued our conversations and had delicious food.


A wonderful afternoon that might be the start of new connections and friendships. I am sure that we will have more information about participants here on Workationlist and besides my review, I ask the participants to also comment on this article! Information on upcoming Nomad Week events will be on their website and here on Workationlist.

Thanks to Laura, Daniel, and Olli for the opportunity to participate and to introduce Workationlist.

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