Workations offer you an opportunity for growth. The promise that it is possible to combine work and play, or in other words to integrate creation and relaxation sounds too good to be true. Our own experiences and background show that it is true. This is what happens at workations: Many of our survey participants tell us that they have been more efficient during the workation. They got shit done and felt less anxious and stressed than at a normal office setting.

Reason enough to become workation evangelists!

Our Mission

Creating the one-stop platform for workations on the internet. We want to help organizers with best practice advice, show corporates how they can integrate workations as another choice and help people find the workation that allows them to grow, connect, relax and get s… done. That’s what we do.

You know us thanks to


Our Team

Philipp – Workationlist founder
You will find me at workations around the globe. I like to connect with likeminded people as well as with people offering completely different perspectives.
Besides Workationlist, I work on making real estate work for people – and not vice versa.
Workations can make a difference in our lives. We can create more and learn from each other – reason enough for me to push this concept. My weakness: I am the most forgetful human being in my age group.

Anne – Customer Happiness Manager
Before starting at Workationlist, I worked at hotels, tour operators, and event agencies in London, Barcelona, Sydney and Berlin.
I enjoy taking part in a workation – but I also know all the behind the scene work organising such a trip.
I am there for you if you would like to have your workation presented on workationlist and your contact for whatever other questions you might have.

Your name here. Join us!

Meet us

We do what we preach! So come and meet us at a workation!

Q1 2019: Entrepreneur Retreat near Cape Town

Q2 2019: CC summit in Berlin

Q3 2019: MNGle in Mongolia