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Interview about Workations

May 6, 2019
Chat interview with Robert from Robert: Hi Philipp, tell us who you are and what you are up to! Philipp: Thanks Robert, I love to! After having worked for almost 10 years in finance in Asia, I started from scratch. It is absolutely fascinating how places bring us together and enable us to learn …

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Nomadweek Team

Nomad Day Berlin March 10

March 11, 2019
Nomad Week invited us to participate in the Nomad Day event in Berlin. What is Nomad Week Nomadweek is a week in Portugal for German speaking people that want to make a change. The reason could be unhappy at work, or an overcome health situation, or the urge to explore the world and the difficulty …

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Workation Nomad

December 4, 2018
There are Nomads, Modern Nomads, Naughty Nomads, and Digital Nomads. Now there is a new nomad on the blog: The Workation Nomad. This nomad is building his lifestyle around workations. A real workation nomad won’t just attend one workation in a year, but plan to fill the time between MNGle and DNX and Nomad Cruise …

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